VMware Cloud on AWS enables Enterprise IT and Operations teams to continue to add value to their business in the AWS cloud, while maximizing their VMware investments, without the need to buy new hardware.
VMware Cloud on AWS is delivered, sold, and supported by VMware and its partners as an on-demand service, VMware Cloud on AWS enables IT teams to manage their cloud-based resources with familiar VMware tools. They do not need to learn new skills or use new tools.
VMware Cloud on AWS integrates VMware compute, storage, and network virtualization products (vSphere, vSAN, and NSX) and vCenter management and robust disaster protection, optimizing them to run on a dedicated, elastic, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) bare-metal infrastructure that is fully integrated as part of the AWS cloud.
With the same architecture and operational experience on-premises and in the cloud, IT teams can quickly get instant business value from using the AWS and VMware hybrid cloud together.

VMware Cloud on AWS Compliance

VMware and AWS adhere to rigorous security standards and are expanding coverage for various industry-specific security and compliance measures. VMware and AWS make independent third-party examination and audit reports available to customers. These reports satisfy a wide range of customer-specific compliance requirements.

Regulatory and industry certifications: VMware Cloud on AWS service complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and introduces major compliance certifications, including SOC 1, 2, and 3, HIPAA BAA, and ISO 27001/17/18.

Common Use Cases

Use cases for VMware Cloud on AWS include disaster recovery, data center extension, cloud migrations, and next-generation applications.

Disaster Recovery

VMware Cloud on AWS provides disaster recovery (DR) capabilities in the following areas:

Streamlined DR automation and reporting:
• Frequent, nondisruptive DR testing
• DR runbooks for full-site and by application group
• Flexible protection topologies

Hypervisor-based VM replication:
• vSphere replication, independent of storage
• Network-efficient data movement and replication

Elastic and consistent cloud infrastructure:
• On-demand capacity and per-VM pricing
• Post failover cluster scaling
• Management with familiar tools

The benefits of VMware Cloud on AWS disaster recovery are as follows:
• Diversifies risk: Global reach and scale is possible with 16 AWS regions and more than 40 availability zones.
• Improves preparedness: Deployment takes five steps.
• Minimizes impact: Granular protection is provided with a 5 minute recovery point objective (RPO).
• Reduces errors: You can audit DR readiness.

Data Center Extension

Consistent infrastructure and operations provide the following capabilities:
• Seamless application portability
• Same vSphere platform
• vCenter based management
• Advanced vRealize hybrid cloud management
• Rich ecosystem technology support

Enterprise-grade infrastructure provides the following capabilities:
• Less than 2 hours of provisioning time for SDDC, and minutes to add hosts
• Flexible policy-driven resource management
• Failure protection for VMs, hosts, and availability zone (AZ) level
• Predictable, high-performance compute with vSphere
• Comprehensive networking with NSX-T Data Center
• Policy-driven enterprise storage with vSAN

The benefits of data center extension with VMware Cloud on AWS are as follows:
• Expands seamlessly: Cloud is consistent with on-premises cloud.
• Scales rapidly in an on-demand vSphere environment.
• Can manage through unified hybrid cloud management.
• Reuse of familiar skills and tools.

Cloud Migrations

Large-scale migration provides the following capabilities:
• No requirement to refactor or rebuild the application
• Choice of various types of compute resource migration
• WAN optimized, encrypted migration at scale
• No configuration changes for migration
• vCenter based management
• Prescriptive, guided workflows

Enterprise-grade infrastructure for application modernization provides the following capabilities:
• Predictable, high performance compute with vSphere
• Feature-rich SDDC with NSX-T Data Center and vSAN
• Less than 2 hours to spin-up SDDC and minutes to add hosts
• Kubernetes and container ready
• Access to more than 165 AWS services

The benefits of cloud migrations with VMware Cloud on AWS are as follows:
• Saves time: Rapid migration at large scale
• Lowers costs: No refactoring expenses
• Reduces risk: No changes to applications
• Minimizes time to learn new tools and skills

Next-Generation Applications

Automation of infrastructure operations provides the following features:
• Infrastructure as code automation
• SDK, RESTful APIs, and CLI
• In-product developer center

You can transform applications with Kubernetes:
• VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid support
• Agile development with VMware Pivotal Labs
• Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) ecosystem support

The infrastructure provides access to cloud services:
• Direct access to AWS services
• Access to VMware partner-ready solutions

The benefits of VMware Cloud on AWS infrastructure for next-generation applications are as follows:
• Minimize disruption: Migrate and modernize.
• Provide portability: Optimize application placement as needed.
• Abstract complexity: Infrastructure provides resiliency.
• Empower IT: DevOps-ready platform and services.

Closing Notes
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