Google Cloud learning paths, offered from the Skills Boost platform, are one of the best options we have to strengthen our cloud knowledge and also to prepare our professional path with the most valuable certifications in the current market.

For this reason, I want to share with you, once again, some useful resources that may be helpful in our learning.

First, and with the idea of being able to organize ourselves and track our learning goals, I present two Google sheets; one that includes the learning paths with their respective access, and the other; a sheet that will allow us to track the detailed status of our goals.

Template Training Paths

To Do List

If you want to see in detail the functions of both sheets, I invite you to check out the following video on my YouTube channel

In addition, I also share some mind maps (some still in development) that will help us to structure concepts and to know, in a more summarized way, the services that we have available in the Google cloud.

– Google Cloud – Cloud Computing

– Google Cloud – Architecture Framework

– Google Cloud – Adoption Framework

– Google Cloud – Compute

– Google Cloud – Compute Engine Machine Families

Google Cloud – Operation Suite

Google Cloud – Storage and Databases

Google Cloud – Interconnecting Networks

– Google Cloud – Load Balancing and Autoscaling (coming soon)

– Google Cloud – Data Analytics (coming soon)

– Google Cloud – AI/ML (coming soon)

– Google Cloud – Migration to Google Cloud (coming soon)

See you next!

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