Hi!, this time we will see how to modify the network properties in the UAG, once configured, with a typical example.

Explanation of the Issue

When the UAG was first deployed in your organization network:

• There were two DNS namespace servers.
• The two DNS servers were identical and load-balanced for high availability (HA).
• The UAG appliance was configured to use the DNS virtual IP.
• The DNS servers had the following IPv4 address:

– DNS virtual IP:
– DNS Server 1 IPv4:
– DNS Server 2 IPv4:

Recently, the network administrator removed the DNS high availability as well as the virtual IP, then re-purposed the DNS server 2 for another server component.

You must modify the network configuration of the UAG appliance to ensure the UAG appliance can still connect to the remaining DNS server 1.

Resolution Overview

The tools and scripts in the /vami folder on the UAG appliance provide you with the ability to modify attributes and network parameters of the UAG deployment.

Modifying the DNS IPv4 address on the UAG appliance

1. Login in the UAG console with the root user

After authentication, you land in /root, the home folder for the root user.

2. In the Photon OS CLI enter: cd /opt/vmware/share/vami

3. In the CLI enter: ls

4. In the CLI enter: ./vami_dns

5. The script returns the following:


6. In the CLI enter: ./vami_set_dns

7. The script returns the following:

Usage: vami_set_dns [-d <domain>] [-s <searchpath>] DNS_Server_1 [DNS_Server_2]

The result shows you the format of the command line script to use the vami_set_dns utility.

8. In the CLI enter: ./vami_set_dns

9. The script returns the following:

DNS server settings updated

10. In the CLI enter: ./vami_dns

11. The script returns the following:


The DNS server IPv4 address is now updated.

12. In the CLI enter: logout

13. You are now logged out from the UAG appliance

Closing Note
I hope it has been useful to you. see you next!

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